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Product Outline



Battery-powered Cordless Holder
Please consult with us if you have trouble clamping small parts, wafers and glass substrates at the time of sputtering.

Cordless Holder is an ESC for coating equipments and in-line facilities.
Our original technology of HPTS enables Cordless Holder to clamp objects without stresses on them and to be used as a stage or a tray.
Cordless Holder can work for 15 hours on about 3 hours of charge, and be used almost permanently by changing re-covering sheets.

Introduction example

● Stages of coating equipments (small parts)
● Stages and trays of coating equipments (FPD and glass substrates)


● Cordless Holder can be used even if the clamped surface of an object is narrow, and be used almost permanently by changing surface sheets.
● It is easy to change the surface protection sheets.
● Cordless Holder can work over 15 hours with a rechargeable battery.


Holder with a built-in controller
Clamping, unclamping and control
Electric control
Clamping condition
Cordless 15 hours usable (3 hours of charge)
Operating environments
air and vacuum
Objects to be clamped
conductors ~ semiconductors ~ insulators
Clamping force
120gf/cm^2(surface direction)
360gf/cm^2(vertical direction)