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Product outline

Soft Palm is a handheld electrostatic chuck.
Soft Palm is best for transfer of thin wafers, glass substrates, films, etc.

Soft Palm is a handheld ESC that clamps an object by contacting with it.
There are rechargeable battery-powered cordless type, and plug-in type with a dedicated controller
Cordless type is very useful because it can be used everywhere.


Cordless Soft Palm

Plug-in Soft Palm with a dedicated controller


● No problems about stress on objects that is common in conventional vacuum clamping methods because the clamping force is distributed equally.
● Clamp an object that has an uneven surface.
● Dust never sticks to an object, since the voltage of the back of it is very low,.
● Cordless, small and portable


Objects to be clamped
conductors ~ semiconductors ~ insulators
Applied voltage
Cordless type: variable voltage (0.3, 0.5, 0.7, 0.9, 1.0kV)
Plug-in type: 1kV
Clamping force
40gf/cm^2 at 1kV (for conductors / semiconductors)
20gf/cm^2 at 1kV (for glass substrate)
Power Supply
Cordless type: 3 size AAA rechargeable batteries
Plug-in type: AC100V 50/60Hz
Continuous operating time
Cordless type: over 8 hours