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Product Outline



ESCs for installing on automatic machines
Thin Hand can solve problems such as wrinkles and slack of thin films, surface imprints of the clamping pad to wafers and glass, and clamping transfers of objects with porosity.

Thin Hand is an electrostatic chuck for installing on automatic machines that can clamp 10mm~3000mm size objects.
Our original technology of HPTS enables to clamp objects without wrinkles and cracks.
Thin Hand can clamp only one object of the top even if a pile of objects stick to each other because of electrostatic charges between them. In addition, dust does not stick to the back of an object.
Thin Hand can be controlled by a dedicated controller or externally.

Introduction example

● Stages of vacuum bonding equipments (LCD, touch panels and films)
● Stages of inspection equipments (films and substrates)
● Hands for transfer (films and foils)


● No wrinkles and cracks while transferring, since Thin Hand supports the whole large thin object softly.
● Clamp only one object from a pile of objects even if they stick to each other because of electrostatic charges between them.
● Dust never sticks to an object, since the charges of the back of it is very low.


Objects to be clamped
conductors ~ semiconductors ~ insulators
Examples: thin films, copper foils, gold foils and glass
Applied voltage
Max 2.0kV
Clamping force (under 1 kV)
Operating environment
No condensation
Power supply